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When talking to your customer, a ratio of 2:1 should be evident throughout; you doing half as much talking as the customer is!

Remember to trade your information with your customers’.

Your information is valuable to the customer and used well, can help the customer to add value to their perception of the home you would like them to buy.

Your customer will only have a short attention span unless they are specifically hearing something that is so relevant to them they want to make sense of it.

Try practicing a 2 for 1 ratio with the next customer you talk to – that’s the customer talking twice as much you are not the other way round!

Why is this effective?

Just this discipline alone will make you more conscious of listening because to trade your information you have to do 3 things:

  1. Practice breaking up your information so that you are giving your customer a headline of information
  1. Make sure that how you say what you are saying adds value to the customer’s perception of the home and how it will add value to the customer’s new lifestyle
  1. Be clear of what the gain is of everything you say.  Learn how to craft PowerPhrases that enable you express in a seemingly casual way how you explain the benefits of buying a home from you

Success comes from implementing conscious habits; sales success is not achieved by shooting from the hip.  Practice, practice, practice so that you are perfect when a real customer presents themselves to you.