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Utilising the expertise of a financial advisor is critical for you and the customer.  It has advantages on both sides:

What’s the customer’s financial plan to buy a new home? The most excited customer may not be able to buy a home from you so it is critical that during the meeting, you find out what the financial plan is for the purchase. Ask questions such as:

  • What price are you working to?
  • How much are you looking to spend on your new home?
  • How much of that will be mortgaged?
  • Tell me about how you plan to finance a new home?
  • What mortgage advice have you had?
  • How much equity will you be putting into your new home?
  • What do you need to do to arrange the finances to buy a new home?

Whichever way you ask, the question is the same.   Most people will give you an indication of their price range if you ask properly (though initially the price they actually want to pay may be somewhere at the lower end of this).


Tip one: Focus on getting top line information first, make sure the customer knows that you are working with the figure/details they have given you.


Tip 2: When rapport is high is the best time to step off ‘selling’ and revisit how the finance will work – to promote the gain of talking to an independent financial advisor


Tip 3:Practice your opening lines, here are some ways to open up the conversation about getting the best financial advice.

“Tell me, how you are intending to pay for your new home”?

“What arrangements have you put in place to purchase your new home”?

“I advise all customers to take up to date financial advice as this will help you to spend time focusing on what you will buy”

“Let’s understand what financial arrangements need to be in place to purchase your new home”

Be confident when talking about how a customer will arrange their financial plans to buy their new home.  Help them to help you.

Spread out the finance questions so that the customer does not feel your are selling financial advice rather than a new home.  Help them to see that an IFA consultation will help you both to work out which home suit their needs within their budgeting.