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This week I want you to ask yourself how you would score if you were ‘mystery shopped’. Imagine the customer walking through the door, and measuring you on the quality of the questions you ask. These determine the quality of information you gain from your customers.  A mystery shop will assess you on how well you do the following:

  • How well you establish the customer’s reason for moving
  • How well you establish their ideal buying criteria
  • How well you establish a price range to work with
  • Understanding how the customer has arrived at that figure
  • How will financial advice help them to buy a home on your development/how you positively introduce the Independent Mortgage Advice service
  • How well you establish the customer’s current position and what needs to happen for them to Reserve on your development
  • How well you establish the customer’s timescale to move
  • How the customer heard about your development
  • How well you demonstrate your local knowledge and provide information about the local area

Print this list out and tes how well you would score in a mystery shop.  If you don’t get 9 out of 9, you’re not doing what you should be doing!