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Talk in gain

Every customer who walks through the door wants to hear the benefits of a sale. However every customer is unique and how they filter information is different. There are ways to tune in and to use ‘PowerPhrases’ to gain their attention.

  • Get to know your customer first and craft your knowledge so that what your customer hears from you is targeted to their reality.
  • Have 3 or 4 crafted PowerPhrases that promote the gain for a customer in buying from you, and buying now
  • Really listen to what they say and use your best facilitation skills to constantly affirm your understanding and build the customer’s confidence in you as an expert who can really help them in their buying decision
  • Gain commitment from your customer little and often. Try to think of your sales experience as though it were written down.  You would not be able to easily understand what you were reading without punctuation.


Closing little and often is about building punctuation in to the sales journey; where there is a comma, there is a pause, and this is the ideal time to ask a question to gain commitment to a decision. Where there is a full stop, ask a clear commitment gaining question – affirm where you are in helping the customer to make their buying decision.

Our best tip is close little and often; create the opportunities for the customer to get used to making decisions