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Finding a ‘connection’ with the customer and driving the sale are helped by using ‘Killer Questions’ and ‘Gain Statements’. Great killer questions create a situation where the customer’s interest is piqued and they want to know more. This is when you can follow up with a ‘gain statement’.

An example of a ‘killer question’ might be: “Are you looking to reduce your running costs in your new home?”  You immediately have their attention – all new buyers want to know how to reduce bills.  You can follow up this question with a ‘gain statement’ such as “All the homes on this development are designed to save energy bills; each of them has substantial efficiency designed into the home.”

The customer is now tuned into hearing how they can save money.  Now they are paying attention to what you say about energy efficiency – you may want to reinforce this with even further details.

Practice being in the customer’s shoes and thinking about what would gain your interest and how to turn this to your advantage.