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We can often identify in Sales Executives the difference between accelerated sales success and an ok sales rate.  The tangible difference seems to be the extent to which the Sales Executive ‘next steps’ the customer.

Next stepping is an essential sales action.  It’s about planning in the progress across the sales journey and also building in with each customer what is going to happen next.

Next stepping can be seen…

Through your sales route – when there is evidence of a clear plan, you will see yourself tactically planning how you move the customer through your sales area, how you use your floor plans, how you use a viewing to gain feedback and clarity on what will excite the customer in a home you choose to present and inspire them to buy.

Next stepping can be heard…

In your words.  Success will be heard in what you say and of course how you say it.  Next stepping can be achieved through PowerPhrasing, through the productivity of your questions, through proposals you make for what you suggest you and the customer do next, the actions you both agree to take from this meeting – consultation with an IFA, a revisit, a phone call to review what else they may be seeing, a call to discuss their thoughts and how you can assist them further.

Next stepping can be felt…

By you and the customer by the momentum you achieve in the sale.  A balanced pace that feels to the customer as though progress is being made; an enjoyable energy is being felt.  This is an exciting decision and one a customer should feel great about.  You can make this feel real.

Keep next stepping – a sales opportunity without a next step has yielded nothing