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Every customer who you come into contact with is visiting your site for a reason. They have usually been drawn by the marketing spend which has to have a return on investment. Taking their details from the beginning is imperative as this information tells us why they are visiting and enables you to assist them in their search for a new home.

One of the compulsory elements of the sales process is how effectively you achieve the personal details/registration of your customer.  It is also a key measure in mystery shopping.

This is elementary and failing on this simple task will lead to frustration further along the sales process and might be the make or break measure to achieving a sale.  It also helps management to understand if the marketing spend has been effective or not.

Use these tips from the start:

  • Ask for the information sooner rather than later.  Leaving it until too late reduces the chance of getting the information you need to stay in touch with the customer
  • Record the customer’s details as you talk to them in the sales office; regardless of the behaviour the customer shows, you should ask for their details
  • If a customer says ‘NO’ to giving you their details or resists your request, translate this into ‘I am not ready now to give this information to you’ and work on earning the rapport to ask again a little later on
  • Don’t give up! Earn the customer’s confidence, gain the customer’s trust and ask for the details again a little later in the meeting
  • Remember people haven’t come to see you to fill forms, they have come for human assistance and contact.  Use your enquiry form as a prompt, get all the details through a great conversation making sure that you personalise the experience

Remember you are the only person who can improve how you sell – give it a go!