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Being the best you can be in your role requires you to ‘Solve before you Sell’.

Solve then Sell is all about selling with structure, staging the events necessary to inspire a customer to make a buying decision – are you doing that?

We know that a sales approach without structure achieves fewer sales so we suggest that you concentrate on working with a solid structure and you will see that you gain more commitment and more sales will result from this.  The first thing you need to look at is the structure you are following.

  • Are you conscious of what you are doing or are you on Autopilot?
  • Do you have a strategy to achieve commitment little and often?

The sales arena is your environment so take control of each sales opportunity that comes to you.  Practice being ready to structure your sale and be more strategic with your sales approach so that you achieve more Reservations.

Your sales strategy should lead you to keep asking for buying commitment as you go, keep finding out a bit more with each step.

  • How will the purchase be financed?
  • What actions need to be taken to assure that the customer’s proceedability is addressed?
  • What would it take to get the customer to reserve?

Be conscious of your sales strategy and your selling structure

Focus on your sales structure today and be the best you can be – go on ask for that extra commitment from your customer.