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This week I am focusing on the ‘Deflect and Decide’ technique which enables you to be more focused when dealing with your customer. It’s a simple skill that will help to avoid the classic mistake sales people make – giving too much away too early. If you deflect requests for discounts or incentives until you know which home the customer wants to buy and only use incentives when you know what needs to happen in order for the sale to proceed you will be in a better position to negotiate with the customer.

Deflect the request for talking discounts or incentives until you and the customer have decided which home they would like to buy.  Until you know, there’s nothing to negotiate!

Deflect and Decide will help you to stay in control and not give too much away too early. Getting an insight into the customer’s thinking will give you greater negotiating power at the point of sale.

Start practising this on the next customer who walks through the door – remember to keep your incentives in your back pocket for bargaining power!