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Intelligent Selling

Working specifically within the residential development industry and with many years’ experience selling new homes, our sales techniques are proven to work.

Dedicated to new home sales, we provide training in Essential Selling; practical skills, sales techniques, knowledge and the behaviour to secure and progress profitable new home sales.

We work with sales people to perfect Essential Selling skills and then apply these with Intelligent Selling; how to inspire intelligent customers to buy; how to sell new homes in all markets.

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This eBook will help a sales person develop a more structured and consistent approach to selling a new home.

It is packed with lots of tips and suggestions for how to effectively and more consistently achieve each of the critical sales goals that make up the sales journey.


“Today has made me relook at things I could do better! Use my time more wisely, qualify earlier! Very enjoyable day!”

UK Sales Consultant, Autumn 2014

18th November 2014

Essential Selling

Our Essential Selling programme provides a new home sales person with the core skills, knowledge and behaviour to sell. Through on line modules undertaken on-site,  comprehensive guides and face to face workshops, we help new and existing sales people to learn and improve the core selling essentials needed to be successful in new home sales.

Our Essential Selling Programme can be used as a comprehensive sales induction or as separate elements based on individual training needs.


A very informative day – made me look at areas of the ‘selling’ days that are normally ignored – helped me organise myself into a better salesperson. #smile while you dial!

UK Sales Consultant

Intelligent Selling Programme

Our Intelligent Selling programme is based on improving sales people’s application of their experience in new home sales and takes good sales people to a different level of performance. On line modules undertaken on-site, comprehensive guides, face to face workshops and on-site coaching provide focused sales training that has practical and positive results for experienced new home sales people.


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