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This week I want to encourage you to give the customer a great experience from the first introduction.  When you meet them for the first time you have the opportunity to take control of the conversation, to gain their personal details and enter them on the database as early as possible.

Customers have changed and until you get into a rapport with them, finding out about what they already know, you have no idea where they are on their journey for a new home. For instance:

  • They could have spent hours on the internet researching the location, the facilities and commuting links
  • They may be a Right Move addict and know a lot about properties already ; including price
  • They may have been to see every house on your local agent’s books and be knowledgeable about the competition
  • They may not need to see a lot of other properties because your development is where they want to live!

Don’t assume you know, check your assumptions out. You are the professional in the sales and marketing suite – make sure that that is how your customer sees you.

Ask the questions that will get you the answers you need and start to build rapport with your customer.