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Last week I talked about how tough the market has been and how customers have changed to be more informed and aware of market forces over the past few years and how you can control how you respond to this transition in their thinking. Below are some hints and tips on how to respond to the sales revolution:

  • Use the meet and greet stage to build relationships with customers; be friendly and knowledgeable about the current news in the housing market and build a rapport
  • Get detailed information from customers and add the data into the database as soon as you can, whilst this is fresh in your mind
  • Successfully achieve control with customers; be in control, not controlling
  • Delay giving lots of information away for free; this is in your power
  • Tailor information around your customer ; make it real and relevant to them
  • Delay entry to product until you are sure what is right for the customer/why you are showing the product
  • Build value throughout; be promoting the unique assets of the property and location at your fingertips
  • Achieve constant commitment throughout the sales meeting
  • Deflect discussions about incentives and discounts until you have gained agreement in principle to buy a specific home
  • Maintain credibility with customers when agreeing the terms of the sale
  • Create urgency to inspire a customer to make a buying decision now
  • Facilitate customers and propose actions to secure maximum sales

Using these techniques will build a stronger relationship with your customer, give you credibility and help to facilitate a sale.