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We work with lots of sales people who genuinely believe that they have done everything with a customer that they possibly could have, and cannot put their finger on why a customer didn’t buy. We know that one of the reasons that people who can buy don’t buy is because they can’t reconcile the price you are asking with the value of the home.

How well the customer understands the value of the home is down to you.  Coach your customer to understand the value and impact that their new home will have on their lifestyle.  Telling the customer what you know about your development, the local area, the home you are selling and how much you think the customer will love living here is just not enough.

Start crafting powerful phrases to use with your customers; PowerPhrases that will provide your customer with real clarity on how what you are talking about will add real value to their life.  Here are some areas you can start crafting PowerPhrases for:

  • What has been designed into the home that will add value to the customer when they live in it?
  • How will the customer benefit from the build warranty they get?
  • How will your company’s Customer Care add value to buying from you?
  • Educate your customer to the sustainability and build technology that will add value to them
  • How does the customer benefit from what you are demonstrating over what else they may have seen in other properties?

You need only 3 or 4 PowerPhrases in each of these areas and you need to practice dropping them in throughout the sales route you take with each customer.

Keep adding value to your customer all the way