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Following the last blog which focused on useful ‘PowerPhrases’, today we concentrate on how to earn the customer’s confidence. Today’s customer is very well informed but still needs you to help them find a home that adds value to their lifestyle. Today’s customer needs you to:

  • Inspire those with affordability to make positive buying decisions
  • Manage them over a series of events that nurture their confidence
  • Gain their commitment; little and often as you work with them

A crucial stage of every sale in this market is how you earn the customer’s confidence and how effectively you attend to them.  With this in mind, its imperative that you accompany every customer into a viewing or a demonstration.  You cannot afford to not be with your customer in a home, it is when you hear the most valuable information and you see what they like and dislike. .

If you are mystery shopped, this is what you will be expected to score highly on:

  • Accompanying your customer around a view or specific plot to buy
  • Inspiring your customer to want to make an appointment to view your or another site to help them in their decision making
  • How well you tailor the demonstration to your customer’s requirements.  Making it personal to each customer gives you the edge over the competition
  • How well you use your literature/your model/your floor plans in the office and when viewing/demonstrating; and of course how well you stand out from your competition and how well you differentiate your brand and promote the advantages of new build – there is more on this in my next blog
  • For now, really focus on how effective you are in making sense of what a customer has told you.  How well you help them to make sense of what you have meets their needs and how effectively you use your visual tools and your information.

Make it personal to the customer in front of you