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Buying a home is a highly emotional event and if the customer has not been able to rationalise their understanding of the home you are presenting to them to buy, they will be less able to allow their emotions to be maximised.

You need the customer’s desire for the home you want them to buy to be high ,and their confidence to make a buying decision even higher.

We recommend that being disciplined in your sales structure enables you to:

  • Take time with your customer to  understand what they are trying to solve or change in their life through their new home before you present what you have available
  • Use what you have to view – may be a home or you may be off plan and floor and site plans
  • Spend a few minutes making sure the customer understands why you are proposing the homes you suggest you look at
  • Build their confidence by helping them to understand how the home you are showing will add value to their lifestyle

Our best advice to you is …

  • Do more asking than telling
  • Change from over-presenting and under closing to closing little and often
  • Make everything you say worth hearing
  • Get the customer talking twice as much as you do!

No one can change these behaviours for you, only you can make your difference.

Give it a go; you’ll be glad you did!