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When customers who can buy don’t, one of the reasons stopping them could be a real and insurmountable objection.

If an objection is insurmountable by the customer, no amount of money you might try to offer through incentives or discounts will make whatever the objection is go away.

To change the customer’s mind you need to be really clear with the customer.  Ask them directly ‘is this reason enough to stop you from buying this home?’  if it is then ask them ‘what is it that you believe I could change in order for you buy this home?’  by doing this, you will know exactly what you are dealing with and if anything can be done.

If the objection is, on reflection, something that when seen in relation to the rest of the home as well as what it is possible to change then you may have the opportunity to discuss how you can help them to think the objection through.

Talking and facilitating is what overcomes objections, not clever sales answers