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Here are some ways to gain your customer’s commitment to consulting with a recommended IFA.

If a customer says their brother in law is an IFA or that they are already sorted; try these phrases:


“Excellent, you will have good information to compare.  We recommend you get the most up to date information right now as there are so many new products on the market, there may be better options.  When will it be convenient for an IFA to speak to you?”

“I am not qualified to give you financial advice however my customers really benefit us working with an IFA so that we create the best plan for you to purchase you new home.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from free, independent  advice from someone qualified who knows which new home products are on the market.  They will help you and by law are independent so when shall we get them to call you”?

“I understand that, when we have found a home for you, we will need you to verify how you will finance the property with our financial advice partner so that we can confidently take the property off sale for you while the solicitors get us to Exchange.  The sooner we clarify the financial plan, the sooner we can focus on the most suitable property for you.  When will it be convenient for them to call you”?

“Only last week, I had a customer with similar circumstances to yours, they too had ………(their own broker, lender etc.), but after talking to another advisor, they realised that buying a New Build property requires specialist advice not just in selecting the right lender but also submitting the application and valuation request so everyone understands the deal given etc.  We know that X can do that for you.  When will it be convenient for them to call you”?

Practice phrases that come comfortably out of your mouth and get comfortable with earning the customer’s commitment to knowing how the home will be financed and what the financial plan is.  The sooner you both know, the better you can both working within real parameters.