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It’s time to stand out and show that you have all the basic sales essentials in place and that they are built into your day to day habits.  The ‘basics’ will always matter. Your sales success is measured by how many sales you achieve.

If we could wave a magic wand, we would wish for you to inspire your customer to confidently buy from you and for you to achieve this by Gaining their Commitment; Little and Often throughout the time you work with them.

When working with customers, to gain their confidence to buy and ultimately their decision to reserve and Exchange Contracts, you can get success from asking a series of easily answered questions that inevitably lead the customer to a logical conclusion – to reserve the home you have inspired them to buy.  We really believe that if a customer is not asked the question that prompts them to say yes, they can miss when they are ready to buy!

So, Ask, Ask, Ask for the business! You have nothing to lose in fact everything to gain so remember the worst thing a customer can say is not yet.  Go for it, ask for commitment; little and often as you work with your customer!

In addition to the verbal prompts you build into your sales approach, we also suggest that you look at how effectively you gain additional commitment by using your sales leaflets/brochures and packaging these so that they feel personal and meaningful for your customer.

If you are mystery shopped, all of these elements will be assessed so make yourself stand out, make some small changes to create a BIG difference in your selling.  Be the best you can be in achieving your selling goal – to accelerate your sales rate.