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Obtaining data on your customer is crucial in the early stages of the sales process; too often we fail to achieve the basics before the customer walks out of the door. The marketing spend to get people to your site has to have a return and step one on that return on investment comes from knowing who visits your site.

Here some ways for you to think about how well you get your customer’s details:

  1. Ask for the information sooner rather than later.  Leaving it until too late reduces the chance of getting the information you need stay in touch with the customer
  1. Make yourself a rule that you will ask for the customer’s details and record these as you talk in the sales office and that regardless of the behaviour the customer shows, you can ask for their details
  1. If a customer says ‘NO’ to giving you their details or resists your request, translate this into ‘I am not ready now to give this information to you’ and work on earning the rapport to ask again a little later on
  1. Don’t give up! Earn the customer’s confidence, gain the customer’s trust and ask for the details again a little later in the meeting
  1. Remember people haven’t come to see you to fill forms on or off the computer, they have come for human assistance and contact.  Use your enquiry form as a prompt, get all the details through a great conversation making sure that you personalise the experience

This hard work will eventually pay off as you gain their respect and create a rapport. Use this to your advantage to obtain their details before they leave the site.