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Revolution is a strong word; what has happened to the new home industry over the past few years has been a strong change in a short time; different to what we have previously known.

All new home sales executives are required to step up and consider how the sales revolution is affecting them and what they are personally doing to respond to it.

Change happens to you ; market, economy and customers change. To be successful you have to recognise when and how the market is changing and respond accordingly for improved performance and success.  Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you operating in a tough market?  The answer is NO!  A tough market is when you are uncompetitive and supply outstrips demand.  You are not in that situation; quite the opposite.

Are you operating in tough economic times?  YES and NO!  Lending is a more complex arrangement these days but people are accessing the funding for a new home and there are more products on the market to assist new home buyers; more products than ever before so again supply is high in response to demand.

Have your customers changed?  OH YES!  Everyone we work with describes customers as being more informed, having done more research using the internet and portals like Right Move.  For the first time ever in your lifetime in new home sales, your customers are not starting at the same point.  Their enquiry is informed and how long they have spent on their research in to buying a new home remains a mystery unless you ask!

All of these elements impact on how the customer presents to you and the impact is, arguably, outside your control.  What is in your control is the transition you decide to make to respond to these changing circumstances – it’s down to you; no one can change you for you! Next week I will give some hints and tips on how to respond to the sales revolution.