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adding value all the way

When customers who can buy don’t, use your skills and knowledge to dig deep and try to find out the real reason. If they perceive the house to be too pricey then this has less to do with the actual price and much more to do with the perception of value you have created around the home.  

The customer needs to be able to reconcile the price with the value they perceive the home will add to their lifestyle.  Your job is to help them to do that by constantly adding value to the home letting the customer know, through well-crafted PowerPhrases, how the home will add value to their lifestyle.

  • Make sure as you provide information to your customer that you are constantly adding value
  • Talk gain all the time
  • Use well-crafted PowerPhrases
  • Add value all the way; in everything you say

Use your market knowledge to bring out the benefits of the property; focusing on energy savings,  design layout, interior specification for example, and then add even more value by bringing out the positive points of the desirable location. Always relate it back to their lifestyle and this will add even more value to the property.

Talk values all the time, the customer needs to rationalise their purchase as well as falling in love with the home they are buying.