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Now is a good time to check that your daily priorities are focused on what gets you sales –creating, making or taking the sale ?

Creating is all about lead generation. Check the following :

  • Where do your actual visitors come from?  Measure New Visitors, Re-Visits and Telephone calls
  • Where do your Web Enquiries come from?
  • How well do you convert Visitors to referral?  What’s the success rate of your referrals?
  • How many of your leads do you move to a qualified visitor?
  • What is your Net Conversion rate?

Making the sale is all about what you do to move a sales opportunity closer and closer to the sale

  • How well do you move the customer small decisions to get them closer and closer to the sale
  • Making the sale is all about how well you qualify and know how to shape what you have available around the customer
  • How effectively do you engage the customer’s rationale to ensure they understand why they are looking at the home you are presenting
  • How you manage their decision making to move them forward all the time
  • How you get to the overall commitment to focus plot specifically

Taking the sale is all about what you do to gain final commitment and how well you get to discuss what needs to happen for the customer to Reserve

  • Agreeing the ‘what’ before deciding ‘how’
  • Effectively planning actions with customers to achieve their commitment
  • Making decisions conditional

Knowing your numbers, really knowing your numbers is critical.  You need to know absolutely where your activity influences the next step and what you personally need to do to move a customer forward to a successful reservation and then confirmed Exchange.