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Customers love it when we show we care about them – it’s a small tip but it could be the big difference between closing a sale or the customer walking out of the door.

Being ‘curious’ helps us to understand what motivates the customer and where they are starting from with their enquiry. Ask yourself the question ‘have they already done their research before visiting us?’ and ‘what is motivating their purchase?’. Make a connection with the customer straight away by asking their name and try to find out about their specific needs for their new home. Asking ‘productive’ questions such as ‘Tell me about’ or ‘Help me to Understand’ will give you the positive starting point to develop an immediate rapport and empathy with your customer. Try this technique on your colleagues and friends and you will see an immediate change in their body language. Using this approach helps them to feel understood and to have a positive connection with you.

Start today – it’s a small change but we promise you will see immediate results !