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Understanding the Customer Behaviour 

The digital world is changing the sales environment. To sell well you need to understand why a customer behaves a certain way. Each customer who walks through the door is unique and is entering the sales journey at a different point. The majority of buyers will already have done their research on the internet and be further along the buying journey than others. Access to digital information means that they very often come with knowledge about the development and the homes available. I am currently working with a sales team to develop their skills on how to understand the customer’s behaviour and how to use this knowledge to achieve their buy-in.

‘Behavioural profiling’ is a technique which will help you to pick up signs from the customer and will enable you to understand their level of interest and feel comfortable interpreting their needs and recommending a solution to suit their individual requirements. It will help to answer why a customer behaves a certain way and what is driving their decision making. Ultimately it’s a technique that will help you to be the expert and to feel more confident in attracting and keeping the customer’s interest. Contact Lesley for more information on how to bring this unique set of skills to your sales office. E: