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I am always interested in what makes a good Sales Consultant. Most people think they can be a Sales Consultant, but it takes a certain type of personality to engage with a complete stranger from the word go and be an exceptional Sales Consultant. What makes you stand out from everyone else?

‘Rapport’ with your customer is the key to gaining their trust and ultimately insight into their character. Sales people who stand out do so for all sorts of reasons.  In relation to rapport, they show that they are warm, likeable and engaging. They use positive energy and humour to engage with their customer, and demonstrate real empathy with the buyer.

Practise this with your next customer – take some time to get to know them and to break the ice to create a rapport.  It’s easy to sit back and let the customer do the talking, but if you are interested enough in them, their lives and what they want from a new home, they will open up to you and you will create a positive base as a starting point.

Use your personality to show you care about the person in front of you.  You will spend the same amount of time getting in rapport as you explain what you know about your development.  Have a go at building rapport by giving out less information in the beginning and using the time to find out more about who you are talking to.

You’ll be surprised at the response you get.