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This week I want to highlight the importance of stepping inside the customer’s shoes and ‘experiencing their experience’. Through our five senses, our brains are bombarded with around 2 million bits of information every second.  Imagine how much information the customer will have processed just from leaving their car to walk to your sales centre.  The simple truth is that the customers mind is processing so much information, they will filter it so that only a minute amount actually gets acknowledged.


So, a customer who has researched on line before meeting you, then driven to see you will have processed masses of information.  We need to harness this information and use it to our advantage. Build into your sales approach techniques that will help you to find out if they are visual or sensory for instance. Do they respond to visual stimulation, listening to a pitch, or touching and engaging with the home?


Observe their preference.  Ask them would they prefer to look at something or what would they like you to show them.  Feel how they are going to be most comfortable and use this insight to manage them through the qualification process – all before you start selling!  You’ll be surprised at the rapport you can create if you understand your customer better.