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One of the big personal challenges to STOP ‘dumping’ all that you know about the development, the homes built and being, the local market – on the customer!

The sales opportunity is not your time to show off all you know; it is the time to show your customer how much you care about helping them to find the home that they want to live in, therefore:

  • Stop talking and start listening!
  • Break all your information up so that you can speak in headlines – giving a snippet of rich information without needing to go into detail
  • Short summaries of what you know about a topic if the customer wants to hear more
  • Then detail, detail if the customer needs it at that point and has the appetite for it

Take some time to discipline yourself to use your information sparingly but meaningfully early in the sales meeting, use summaries rather than lots of detail as you engage with your customer and make sure that what you are saying is relevant and timely.

Keep the detail until you are plot specific, focusing on a home that is a serious contender for the customer’s buying decision.

Use your knowledge to wrap the home around the customer.

Don’t expect the customer to extract what you know and make sense of it for themselves, that’s your job!