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Closing is all about gaining small commitment all of the time; from the very beginning of your meeting.  Your closing should be very evident in action, every day.

So, start with a close, punctuate your sales structure with small decision building moments.  Use closes little and often to build up to a natural next buying step.


Don’t blow all your sales effort because you don’t have the confidence to ask the customer whether they would like to Reserve.

Ask how what you have done with the customer has helped them in their buying decision and which home they prefer at this stage.

Help the customer to be confident with their ability to make good buying decisions.

Think about how you value yourself, and what you do.  So many sales people NEVER ask for the business.

It’s a common mistake and you can put it right!

Asking for the sale or ‘closing’ is vital so always make sure you gain customer feedback and commitment, it is this gradual approach that will increase your Reservation rate!

We believe that good closers do everything they need to do make it easy for customers to say Yes so we challenge you to make sure that as you work with your customers, you are giving them plenty of opportunity to make small decisions to narrow down choice and get to a plot specific point when it makes sense for you to ask that the reserve the home with you.

Closing little and often helps to develop confidence on both sides

Customers need to be confident of their ability to make a great buying decision.  You owe it to the customer to make it easy for them to buy by inspiring them with your enthusiasm.  If you don’t ask, you won’t get it! So remember your customer needs you to ask so that they can say yes!!