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We know  that the beginning of the relationship with a customer is critical for all sorts of reasons:

  • Within a very short time both of you will form opinions of each other
  • Customers will vary according to how ready they are to make a buying decision
  • Their previous experience of sales will influence their approach to you

Before you can sell, you need to know the basis on which you could do business with the customer and the customer wants to know if you have anything they might be interested in.

Whilst giving the customer what they need emotionally, you also need to efficiently, through good conversation, find out the basis on which a sale can be built.

So many questions woven neatly into a genuinely interested conversation will enable you to understand your customer and how you may be able to help them. You need to ask – and get measured by how much you know about …

  • Your customer’s reason and motivation for moving
  • When the customer ideally wants to move into their new home
  • What the customer’s buying criteria is – what the new home has to have, what will only breakeven with what they’ve got now and what are the real hotpsots that will affirm that this is the right home for them
  • What needs to happen in order for the customer to buy and…
  • Of course … how the new home will be finance

Ask more than you tell the customer what you have and you will effectively gain this information

Give it a try – Listen twice as much as you talk – there’s a challenge!!!