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This week we are working with sales teams to highlight the importance of how a small change can make a BIG difference to sales figures. Within an election period the market is always nervous, yet you don’t need to be that different to stand out from the crowd – you just need to be smarter.
Focusing on just TWO key aspects of your selling approach gives you the edge : Qualification and Closing.

As a quick reminder, remember to focus on using the valuable time with your customer to get to know them before you present any opportunity. Keep the conversation going and gain valuable insight into their lifestyle and what they really want from their new home. A really valuable approach is to ‘paraphrase’ this insight back to the customer which is using the qualification skills to good effect.  Use the five step approach to really listen to them : What You /  When You / How You/ Who Will / Where You …This then leads onto the ‘closing’  line when you can really give them the answers they want to hear.