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Driving Sales

We add value by helping Sales Managers to better drive sales through the sales team.

We work with Sales Managers as part of our Driving Sales Group, many of whom are in our Driving Sales Group, and help people to drive performance and improve sales rate.

Our Driving Sales Group is dedicated to proving people who are responsible for Driving Sales through others to improve the sales performance of their sales team.

Our Driving Sales Group Receives:


  • Tips on how to guide and drive your sales team
  • One to one coaching; practical toolkits
  • A sales response to key industry observations
  • Guidance and direction for site success
  • Updates on the numbers that matter
  • Ways to increase maximum customer satisfaction
  • Insight into Intelligent Selling techniques
  • The opportunity to be with others in the industry to improve this critical role in the new home business

We help to:

  • Drive the on-site sales team
  • Drive the sales rate
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve sales progression
  • Drive external agents
  • Monitor consistent brand standards
  • Assure best presentation

We provide:

Every day tools for success:

  • Regular email updates
  • Fun and focused tools
  • Access to online learning
  • Toolkits to challenge you
  • Toolkits to challenge the team


We work with:

We work with Sales Directors and Sales Managers from a wide range of brands across the UK so we have experience of all markets.

Sales Managers and Directors actively seek opportunities with LR Consultancy to assess and address personal development needs.


Download our guide to what Sales Managers are accountable for