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Customer Service

We work with all disciplines to deliver the best customer experience and help to better manage customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer service and achieving a consistently high level of customer satisfaction is a strategic objective in all new home developers and one that can be measured and celebrated internally as well as through the NHBC customer satisfaction surveys.

We believe that the strategy and direction a business takes must be clear to everyone and we specialise in aligning strategic and operational vision with service reality. We provide specific consultancy to management teams so that they understand the vision from their point of view and how they contribute to the success of the corporate goals and objectives.


Customer Service

We know how to improve Customer Satisfaction

  • We develop customer service strategies
  • We provide workshops for all disciplines
  • We help to improve communication with customers
  • We work with all stages – pre and post occupation
  • We help to align departmental objectives
  • We create KPIs to assure higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • We coach departmental managers to improve customer service
  • We create accountability plans for improved customer service

We have real expertise in

  • Mapping the customer journey and identifying how to create the experience you want your customers to receive
  • Training frontline personnel to better manage the customer journey and to generate a positive customer response
  • Improving customer satisfaction levels
  • Working with the site and sales based team to improve their interaction provided to site, resulting in profitable operations and high customer satisfaction

We have real expertise in

  • Improving on-site customer events: Welcome meeting, visits to a new home under construction, home demonstrations, handover meetings, post occupation meetings and courtesy calls
  • We know how to help you to achieve more operational success and in turn, greater customer satisfaction

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