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LR Consultancy

We are an authority in directing Leadership, Sales and Service in UK housebuilding.

We have solutions to improve business performance, to accelerate sales, to increase customer satisfaction and to inspire Intelligent Customers to make intelligent buying decisions.

We operate in all regional UK residential sector locations and understand how regional companies in housebuilding work.

Using facilitated workshops, coaching sessions, practical toolkits, and online learning, we can demonstrate to you that we have the expertise and knowledge to equip your leadership, sales and service teams with the skills, knowledge and behaviour to improve the tangible results in your business.

This knowledge only comes with years of experience. Our insight into 21st Century consumer behaviour positions us perfectly to help housebuilders to create the processes that deliver an exciting customer experience. We know what customers want and we can help housebuilders to deliver it.

We are actively working with national brands in the residential property sector and are totally committed to inspiring Leaders in housebuilding; Managing Directors, Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Sales Consultants and Customer Service professionals.

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We have real experience to help.

  • We have an expertise in consumer behaviour when purchasing a new home
  • We understand how to accelerate new home sales
  • We have online learning modules and toolkits to maximise learning on-site
  • Our expertise is based on working with literally hundreds of sales people and helping them to transform their performance
  • We provide insightful training and coaching to Sales Managers to help them to drive on-site sales
  • We provide an insight into today’s customers’ buying habits
  • We provide thought provoking leadership training that makes a real difference

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